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Writing as Gina X. Grant, I write witty fiction both super and natural, including the RELUCTANT REAPER trilogy, available from Simon and Schuster.


As STORM GRANT, I write engaging male/male fiction, more light than dark.


Since 2007, I have published with a variety of publishers and also self-published.


I live just north of Toronto, Canada, in a lovely little house nestled among thirty-two trees, much to the delight of Canoli, a rescued Mexican street dog who might be a bit spoiled.


Want to be notified when I release new books, when I have deals and specials and other cool stuff? Visit and click the link.


If you’d like to discuss anything about my writing or my writing life, please contact me at


You can find me everywhere fun people hang out.


If you enjoy my books, why not post a review on Goodreads or Amazon or your fave review site?

Thank you,

Gina Storm

Quirky fiction that’s pretty, witty and gritty

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