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Writing is what happens while you're making othe plans.

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COMING SOON: The Unlikely Murder Club: A Silver Sleuth Cozy Mystery Book 1

(The Unlikely Murder Club Series)


A retired con artist, a pension FBI agent, and a teenage hacker join forces with a visiting true crime writer to solve a phone scammer’s murder in the small town of Unlikely, New York.


For career-criminal Agatha Shadewell, prison is more than punishment—it’s downright traumatic! So when offered early release, she seizes the opportunity, even though it means being in the custody of FBI agent Martin Kopp (retired), the very person who brought her to justice. She finds herself confined to his hometown of Unlikely, New York, where she's stuck, an ankle monitor tracking her every move. Agatha feels like she's just traded one prison for another.

At first, she schemes to escape, but grudgingly discovers Unlikely has its charms. For the first time in her sixty-five years, she has friends, a community, a home. She even rescues an abandoned dog.

When Martin’s granddaughter begs Agatha to help prove her mom’s innocent in the murder of a local swindler, Agatha refuses. She can’t risk being locked up again!


But when catching the real killer becomes a group effort, lifelong-loner Agatha finds joy in belonging. Reluctantly using her criminal skills, she joins the team’s investigation, hoping to uncover the murderer, never suspecting she and her dog are the killer’s next targets.


Will Agatha jeopardize her freedom and even her life to catch the killer and help the family she has come to love, or will she revert to her old ways and skip town once again?


If you enjoy unconventional mysteries with eccentric characters, then you’ll love this “silver sleuth” whodunit from award-winning author Gina X. Grant.


READY FOR AN EDGIER COZY? Inspired by The Thursday Murder Club and Only Murders in the Building, Agatha’s story includes diverse characters and relationships; entertaining situations, both realistic and far-fetched; plus some cool hints for upcycling furniture. (Warning: Everyone swears, except the dog.)

UNPLUGGED: Caught between hard rock and a heart place.

YA contemporary with romantic subplot, featuring diverse characters


Dying to make his own decisions, 14-year-old gifted guitarist JIMI HOBSON ignores his reclusive mother’s warnings about the music biz, entering a local rock contest without her consent. His uploaded digital demo gets him shortlisted for the live show, where he wows the huge audience and wins the contest. But when he’s offered a recording contract, it’s revealed he lied on the entry form. He never should have been there at all.


His agoraphobic mom, having not left the house in years, secretly attends the live performance, but an incident on the bus afterwards causes her to freak out. She charges off the bus and into traffic. She’s critically hurt and rushed to the hospital. Jimi dashes to her bedside, where, after a few last instructions to her anguished son, she falls into a coma, unlikely to awaken.


Or will she?


Now Jimi must fight the system to stop her from being unplugged by a scheming hospital administrator whose sick wife needs a heart transplant.


If only he hadn’t lied. It’s all his fault!


Just when he believes his world can’t crumble any further, all of his mom’s ID turns out to be fake. But when DNA tests reveal she’s missing-presumed-dead rock star Seneca Skye, Jimi’s out-of-control life becomes a media circus as well as a waking nightmare.


Buffeted, battered and betrayed, did Jimi know his mother at all? Who is this woman who raised him? Is she even his mother?


New adult contemporary with romantic subplot, featuring diverse characters




Can Kirsty rescue her beloved Dante when he's snatched from their kitchen into Heller, the next dimension over?

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